New straight Stairlifts start at £1195, including fitting with 12 years Guarantee* and guaranteed buy back*
Recon straight Stairlifts start at £750, including fitting with 12 years Guarantee* and guaranteed buy back*
Rental straight Stairlifts start at £245, plus £10 a week including servicing and call outs*

A straight Stairlift can only move in a straight line, i.e. it cannot go round corners or curves. Looking for a straight Stairlift? Then you have come to the right place. We have no fewer than 10 different Stairlift models for straight stairs. All our stairlifts comes with 12 year guarantee* and guaranteed

Stair combinations for Straight Stairlifts

The diagrams below illustrate the style of stair case suitable for straight stairlifts.
A – Straight staircase. Simplest and cheapest staircase to install a straight stair lift.
B & C – Straight staircase with a turn. Requires a bridging platform which can only be considered if suitable for the individual user. Alternatively a curved stairlift would be the preferred option.
D – Split staircase. It’s possible to fit 2 straight stairlifts to a split staircase providing the user is able to manoeuvre between the 2 stair lifts. Alternatively a curved stairlift would be the preferred option.

straight stairsgraphic

Straight Stairlifts – A buyers guide

When looking for a straight stair lift, there are a number of key things to consider, cost, ease of use, safety and comfort being some of the most important.

Stair lifts for straight staircases are less expensive than stair lifts for curved staircases, starting at around £750.00 for both the stair lift and the installation although the price often depends on the supplier and the specification of the stair lift. A stair lift gives the assurance that the user can get up and down stairs safely and in comfort, making the cost of a straight stair lift very much justifiable.

Straight stair lifts can differ in cost depending on the specification of the stair lift in question. There are features that should come as standard, such as padded seats and backrests, and swivel seats. This ensures the user experiences maximum comfort when sitting in the stair lift and getting on and off the stair lift. For safety purposes, straight stair lifts will always include a secure safety belt.

Additional features such as remote controls, digital displays and safety sensors can cost more than the standard features included with a stair lift. Remote controls allow the user to call the stair lift to them or send the stair lift back to its original position if a second user requires it. Digital displays allow the user to stay updated with the status of the stair lift. Safety sensors enable the stair lift to sense whether there is an obstruction on the path of the stair lift, the sensors will make the straight stair lift stop until the obstruction is moved out of the way.

Most suppliers offer a free home survey so they are able to assess the staircase and advise which straight stair lift is best. The straight stair lift price is dependant on this survey, it is important to have the home survey so an accurate quote can be given. The survey will give essential information when it comes to choosing the right straight stair lift for the home in question. The consultant will be able to advise which optional extras will be most beneficial for each individual user to ensure the stair lift is as easy to operate as possible.

The installation for straight stair lifts are often very simple and hassle free. Many suppliers are able to offer a fast installation, some as fast as the next day from point of purchase. Not only are the installations fast to arrange but the job itself can be completed quickly too. Straight stair lifts themselves are far easier to install than curved stair lifts.