Stairlift rental from only £245 initial payment and £10 per week*

Renting a stairlift gives you the latest technology at the lowest price. The benefits of renting stairflits include:

  • Free stairlift breakdown cover
  • Free stairlift service and maintenance cover
  • Affordable weekly payments for peacre of mind
  • The option to purchase a stairlift at any time
  • Stairlift Inflation Buster Promise – fixed stairlift payments for life!
  • Most cost effective means of having a stairlift
  • All our stairlifts have the latest features:
  • Swivel seat
  • Remote controls / Call and send stations
  • Full upholstery
  • Quiet smooth ride
  • Fully safety tested
  • Folds away neatly

We can supply and install rental stairlifts throughout the whole of the UK, as well as Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford, York, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Rotherham, and Burnley and all other towns in Yorkshire, Humberside & Lancashire.
Stairlifts Solutions Ltd is a well established leading supplier of stairlifts throughout the UK. Renting a starlift gives you the option to try before you buy, and allows you the ultimate peace of mind, as all maintenance and repairs are covered. We understand how renting a stairlift can mean the difference between staying in your own home or moving into a care home. We have been helping our customers with mobility issues for many years, and can supply all types of rental stairlifts, from a simple straight stairlift to a complex curved 360 degree model.

Renting a Stairlift

Our rental scheme enables you to have all the benefits of a new or reconditioned Stairlift, while paying for it one week at a time. We even offer rental on curved Stairlifts. You won’t have to worry about servicing or costs as we take care of that, and when you don’t need it any more we’ll come and remove it.

How does a Stairlift rental work?

Hiring a Stairlift is simple. To take advantage of Stairlift Solutions Ltd rental scheme, we require a one-off payment to cover the administration, installation and subsequent removal of the Stairlift. From then on, there will be a set weekly fee of (£10 for a straight lift and £17 for curved lift) for the duration of your rental. You are free to cancel the agreement at any time and are only committed to one week Stairlift rent in advance.

Which stairlifts can I rent?

All our Stairlift models for straight or curved, and including reconditioned models, are available for rent subject to availability.

How much does it cost to rent a Stairlift?

All houses are different and costs may vary depending on your staircase design and individual requirements. To find out more, view our guide to Stairlift costs.

Why not call us and book a free, no obligation consultation where we can give you a fixed quotation?

Straight Reconditioned lift from £245.00 Plus £10 A week*
Straight New Lift from £750.00 Plus £10 A week*
Curved Lift from £2500 Plus £17 A week*

Installing your rented Stairlift

One of our trained engineer’s will visit you in your home and conduct a detailed assessment of your stairs. In the case of curved staircases, he will use the latest digital survey equipment to determine the best solution. We go to great lengths to ensure that your Stairlift installation is convenient and hassle free. Most Stairlifts are installed from start to finish within a few hours. We will then return your house to exactly the same state that we found it in. Stairlift Solutions will vacuum your floor with our own vacuum cleaner, with two pairs of shoes, for indoors and outdoors. Most importantly, we will stay until you are 100% comfortable with the operation and function of your rental Stairlift, and every aspect of our service.
Stairlift Solutions Ltd can offer the newest Stairlift models manufactured to the highest standards by the top brands in the industry, we offer flexible rental Stairlift options, and for your complete peace of mind, all our products are fully guaranteed and meet the current British Standards for safety.

*Full terms and conditions available on request