If your staircase features corners, landings, spirals or other bends, then you may need one of Stairlift Solutions Curved Lifts. Hand-built in the UK and featuring  innovative comfort, safety,  reliability and battery backup features come as standard on all Stairlift Solutions Curve stair lifts – find out more below or contact us for a brochure.

Curved Stairlifts – A buyers guide

Stair lifts come in a variety of designs to meet the requirements of the user and to cater for the structural features of the property. A simple stair lift designed for a straight staircase will not always be appropriate.

In the case where a staircase has turns or curves in it, it might require a curved stair lift installation. In some houses it may be possible to use two straight stair lifts if the stairs landing is flat,(see diagram A B C D and pictures of step infill) and this could keep the cost down, but the user would need to be able to get from one lift to the other – this might not be an easy task. A bridging platform at the top of the stairs is sometimes possible if there is only a small turn in the staircase at that point. This is a wooden platform that folds away when not needed and allows the user to get onto the landing without the need to have a curved stair lift installation.

The diagrams below illustrate the style of stair case suitable for straight stairlifts.

A – Straight staircase. Simplest and cheapest staircase to install a straight stair lift.

B & C – Straight staircase with a turn. Requires a bridging platform which can only be considered if suitable for the individual user. Alternatively a curved stairlift would be the preferred option.

D – Split staircase. It’s possible to fit 2 straight stairlifts to a split staircase providing the user is able to maneuver between the 2 stair lifts. Alternatively a curved stairlift would be the preferred option.

straight stairsgraphic

The following stair cases would require a curved stair lift and custom made Stairlift rail.


curved stairsgraphic

Curved stair lifts are more expensive to install than straight ones. This is because a made-to-measure curved rail needs to be fitted exactly to the staircase dimensions, and customisation means more work for the installer. Optional extras such as folding rails are popular, as these can be folded out of the way when there are doorways close to the base or top of the stairs. These allow unobstructed movement for other members of the household.

The need for exact customisation of a curved stair lift has an effect on the installation process and the final price of the curved stair lift. The time lag between the initial consultation and full installation can be anything up to 3 weeks because of the more complicated design required, although with a reconditioned rather than a new stair lift this period can be reduced to one week or less. These are questions that the customer will need to ask during the initial home consultation, when the appropriate type of stair lift can be chosen and any structural issues can be ironed out.

When everything has been decided the necessary measurements will be taken. Installation can proceed as soon as the customised curved stair lift has been constructed.

Whether new or reconditioned, modern curved stair lifts are extremely reliable. They have simple controls and will run quietly and smoothly. There is also a back-up battery in case there is a local power failure. This will not then affect the user’s ability to get up or down their stairs.

Although prices have dropped considerably in recent years, the average cost of a curved stair lift can be up to £4,000. This is a rough estimate only as individual requirements will decide the exact price. To obtain a more precise quotation, allow us to arrange a home consultation with local and national suppliers, get started here.

The price of any stair lift has to be weighed against the benefits to the user. The upper floors will be opened up for the disabled individual, whose quality of life will certainly be improved as a result of the stair lift being installed. There will be no need to wait for helpers or relatives in order to get to an upper floor – giving them peace of mind. .

Safety is a very important consideration and the safety mechanisms installed as standard on today’s stair lifts are state-of-the-art.